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Week 5 and 'moving' forward as a school community

All student return 25th May

Monday 25th May

Dear School Families, 

The school leadership team, teachers admin staff have been working hard to come up with a solution that will work for Crown Street PS, when all students return. 

We will trial this and evaluate at the end of the first week. Your cooperation so far has been very effective, and I thank you for following our directions. We are looking forward to some sort of normal next week, it has been lovely to see our students so enthusiastic about school! 

A reminder that parents are not permitted on site the following no contact arrangements will be in place on Monday 25th. 

Drop off and Pick Up

We will have 2 pedestrian gates open for drop off and pick up of students each day: 

  • double gate on Denman Street
  • single gate on Crown St 

School grounds

  • There should be no visitors to school sites unless they are essential. 
  • CSPS will provide advice on drop off and pick up procedures.
  • Wherever possible, P&C and parent/carer/teacher meetings should be conducted virtually.
  • Canteens and uniform shops can open at the discretion of the principal, and ours will open Monday 24 May
  • Out of school hours care can continue to operate.
  • Community use of school facilities will recommence only for uses that are necessary for continuation of education and with principal’s approval.

School activities

Teachers will continue to follow the same school curriculum with the exception of some activities that can’t go ahead for now.

What children can do:

  • Use the school library
  • Engage in non-contact sporting activities

What students can’t do:

  • School assemblies (unless for critical information)
  • School incursions and excursions including camps
  • Inter-school activities (debating, inter-school sport) 
  • In-school activities requiring parent or other volunteers
  • Drink from a water bubbler – bring a water bottle instead


  • Students will be given hand sanitiser on each entry point
  • Wash hands before and after sporting activity
  • Handballs need to be sanitised – big spray on child’s hands with ball before and after each use
  • Hands to be washed when they enter classroom
  • Hands washed before eating
  • NO Bubblers - Please send your child with a water bottle 
  • DO not send items to the office - if your child has forgotten a water bottle we will give them water in a disposable vessel
  • Students with ANY respiratory symptoms will be sent home 


  • Enhanced cleaning, at school all day instead of morning and afternoon - cleaning surfaces, door knobs etc.. 
  • We have at least 3 containers of hand sanitiser in each classroom
  • All classroom have wet wipes for iPad, computer keyboards and classroom resources


  • Our canteen will resume normal operations on Monday 25 May
  • When it does reopen it is online or by a paper bag that is pre-written, parents cannot approach the canteen as they cannot come on site
  • Students can come in with money an order at the counter

Uniform Shop

  • The uniform shop will reopen with a restriction of 2 parents in the shop
  • Only 2 parents at a time will be able to access the uniform shop 
  • more information to come 

I hope that is enough information for you to digest. 

Mr Craig Nielsen